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The Best Hair Extensions in San Diego, CA

Updated: Sep 6, 2021

Tape Hair Extensions… and almost everything you wanted to know!

“New hair, who’s this?” … I am sitting here trying to think of something I love more than a new set of Hair Extensions, and it’s difficult. I love the instant gratification both the client and I get after they have their new hair! There is so many different areas to cover when talking about Hair Extensions, and many of you have questions for days! Please know that if you, or someone you know is interested in Hair Extensions, a mandatory 15-30-minute consultation must be booked prior to discuss in length all the details. I provide a few different Hair Extension application methods (tapes, beads, clip-ins, HALO etc.), however, I will briefly cover a few topics today, specifically about the Tape- In Method.

Tape-In Hair Extensions ready to go!

Who needs Hair Extensions? Hair Extensions offer a handful of benefits. Many of us think that the typical person who can use Hair Extensions is someone who wants longer hair. Well, yes to that and no! Hair extensions can be worn for both length and density. For example, someone like myself who has long hair naturally can pop in a few pieces on my sides to turn the fullness up a notch, and add some density. Adding a few pieces on those of us who don’t struggle with length, helps us hold style and have an overall fuller look, especially around the face. Extensions can be worn to enhance color. Whether that be adding some Hair Extensions of your favorite fantasy color instead of going through the process and upkeep of some fun fantasy colors, or just enhancing your blonde or balayage. I have a few Hair Extension clients who have used them as a protective style. While they are trying to grow their natural hair, they have decided to wear a full head of Hair Extensions to protect their natural hair. Doing most of their heat styling on their extensions, AND if the extensions happened to enhance their color then it is a double win! Less color services and less heat!

How much do they cost? This is where your Consultation is key. All sets are priced upon a consultation. In the consultation, we determine what your goals are, and how much hair you will need to achieve your hair goals. Pricing is determined on how much hair you will need. The biggest investment will be purchasing the hair. The hair last about 6 months, so I say 1 application and about 2 maintenances until you’d need new hair again. It can vary from client to client based on how the hair is cared and handled during that time.

What is the maintenance like? Maintenance on Tape Hair Extensions is no more than 6-8 weeks. I have most of my extension clients re-booked at about 7 weeks, going no longer than 8 weeks. My number one priority is always maintaining the integrity of your hair. It is important to me that it’s both of our priority to keep your extensions well maintained and you come back within that 6-8 weeks.

Can I style it like my real hair? “YAAASSSS!” If you bought it, and it’s on your head… it’s yours girl! You can wash it, condition it, and heat style it just like you would your natural hair. It can be pulled back in pony tails, up-dos, braids… you name it. My Tape Extensions is 100% Human Remy- the pre-eminent grade of hair on the market. The hair is oriented with the cuticle facing down, and 100% uniform.

But, aren’t they bad for your hair?

With the proper application and proper care, the answer is no. It is important that you thoroughly consult with the stylist. Make sure that you’re both equally committed to the integrity of your hair as well as your goals. It is important that the stylist does their part in educating the client as well, as a clean and seamless application. The client must come back for timely maintenance (6-8 weeks) and follows the guidance of their stylist to ensure proper care for their hair.

Book your FREE Consultation today and learn more!

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